RCHDesign has created dozens of site over the years. Below is a small sampling of some of the sites/apps we've created for our clients:


We created a new online presence for this local property maintenance company complete with a client portal to allow their clients to pay their bills online.

(PHP, Custom CMS, JavaScript, MySQL, Client Payment Portal)


MakeItLocal is a large-scale, custom directory site built form the group up. With more that 14 million records this large site showcases our custom programming abilities. No project is too large or too small for us to handle.

(PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, Custom Programming, Directory Management)


GEMAutoCredit.com is a sample of our Local Auto Sales site. Created so even the smaller used car dealers can compete online with the big guys. Socail media friendly pages makes sharing your stock easy.

(PHP, Custom CMS, JavaScript, MySQL, Local Auto Sales)


WhatsInYourPockets is an online store selling fire fighting tools. This is a complete website with online store and easy management panel to manage stock and orders.

(PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, Custom Programming, ECommerce)


Roofer911.com is a large, informational site used by a client to both inform the public about roofing matters as well as bring in business. The site has thousands of pages including interactive blogs, and a national roofers directory.

(PHP, Custom CMS, JavaScript, MySQL, Google Ads)


MyPhotoQuotes is a join project created to allow other contractors to use the same custom photo upload script created for Roofer911. The gadget is easily added to any website and allows users to upload a photo of their project and add circles and arrows to point out where they think the issues may be. This gives the contractors a first hand view of the problems without leaving the office.

(PHP, JavaScript, MySQL)


An informational site for a local fire department that includes an automatic 911 incident log and online donations as well as other general information about the department.

(PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, PayPal)


This site is a completely custom site created as a LinkedIn type site for only CEO's. Most all the functions from LinkedIn were re-created for this to allow users to interact in a secure and professional manner.

(PHP, Custom CMS, JavaScript, MySQL)


This site was developed for a local Republican party to tell their members about upcoming events and meetings as well as candidates for upcoming elections.

(PHP, Custom CMS, JavaScript, MySQL, Custom Logo Design)


As some of our projects grew in size and quantity, a means to track different projects between multiple people was needed. We developed this web-based app to allow clients and developers track projects without relying on emails. This app is available now for larger projects and will be available soon to all via subscriptions.

(PHP, JavaScript, MySQL)


This site was created to help cut the costs of invitations for a wedding. The site contained information like directions to the wedding and reception for out of town guests, more detailed menu options, bridal registry with links to the stores' websites, and many photos of the couple. They simply needed to reference this site on their invitations and not attempt to print all the information that some needed and others did not.

(PHP, Custom CMS, JavaScript, MySQL)


BestCopCompetition was a 1 year event help for local law enforcement professionals to test their skills.

(PHP, Custom CMS, JavaScript, MySQL, Custom Logo Design)

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